Nature is often termed as “The Mother Nature”, due to its warmth, care and compassion just like the ‘life giving’ mothers! Nature is the reason for all our existence, for our growth, development and wellbeing of the entire human kind.
With the advent of modern science, technology and a fast phased way of living we have diverged from our roots – “NATURE”.
Brand “Life at Nature” by the Sri Rudra Nature Health is bound towards creating a new community of natural living enthusiasts committed to a healthy living and a healthy planet.
Life at Nature is a collaborative ideation and formulation of a drug-less and natural cure healing mission envisioned by an enthusiastic team of entrepreneurs & naturopathy doctors. The core values of this initiative is aiming to revitalize and hail high the power of ancient Indian medical system towards healing one’s mind, body & soul through nature.


Life At Nature, Your Nature is Your Future – We, through our R&D and expertise aim to cure each and every existing medical challenges in this universe, from its root cause.

Alternative medicine herbal organic capsule with vitamin E omega 3 fish oil, mineral, drug with herbs leaf natural supplements for healthy good life.


To be the leading R&D team & formulators of an impeccable result oriented natural healing supplements,
products & services.

Alternative medicine herbal organic capsule with vitamin E omega 3 fish oil, mineral, drug with herbs leaf natural supplements for healthy good life.


Dr. Bhuvan Shastry K
Founder, MD
Life At Nature

A hardcore creative director, leader, deeply passionate human, highly spiritual, multi disciplinary positivity, health and wellness coach, stubbornly ambitious individual, adventurous, never give-up, “don’t quit” attitude believer. He embraces bold, surprising approach to work from thinking to craft & culture in developing Innovative & successful format systems. A Loving Husband to a PhD Scholar, responsible father to cute daughter. Coming from humble background, winning over several obstacles at different stages of life, Mr.Bhuvan has been inspirational among others towards his journey of life. Mr. Bhuvan Shastry, currently heading an entertainment TV channel, has successfully completed 18 years into core TV, Film & OTT Industry. He has been part of major TV networks across India. He has directed over 3500+ episodes of different genres of TV shows. Starting from Talk shows, Health shows, Spiritual Shows, Filmy Shows to Reality shows, Fictional to Events and Award Ceremonies successfully to his proven track record. He has launched many artists, anchors and other TV personalities who are celebrities today. Mr. Bhuvan has worn many hats in his career & has unique ability to manage multi-disciplinary projects to navigate complex challenges. He is popular among social media circles with 28K+ followers across digital platforms. Mr. Bhuvan also hold high responsibility towards his charity organisation Being Good Foundation. Which is helping the needy in uplifting their lives. 6 Years ago, during research to one of his TV projects which Mr.Bhuvan was directing he developed deep interest in Indian Medical System, Naturopathy and Ayurveda, which has come to him in his blood, since his forefathers were ancient healers. Since Mr. Bhuvan used to spend lot of days in nature and forests, he has started studying the connection between Nature and Human. And strongly believes “Nature Heals”, hence thought of providing these natural benefits for everyone and wants to see the drugless society someday. With all services in Media Entertainment Industry and Chaity works he has done till now, he has been awarded Honorary Doctorate from World Human Rights Protection Commission, And SEVA Ratna award.


Sudheendra Gururaj
Co-Founder, MD
Life At Nature

Mr. Sudheendra Gururaj is an accomplished TV media professional with expertise in media planning, direct response strategies, and successful program execution. With extensive experience at Sun TV Networks, 3S Events, Dwaar Entertainer and many others, he has demonstrated his ability to lead pivotal program initiatives, manage diverse social media accounts, and craft strategic media plans for clients across various industries. Beyond his media career, his passion for holistic health and natural living inspired him to establish Life At Nature under Sri Rudra Nature Health. Recognizing the importance of reconnecting with nature for overall well-being, Life At Nature aims to revitalize ancient Indian medical practices and promote natural healing supplements and services. Through his multifaceted career and commitment to holistic health, he continues to make a significant impact in both the media industry and the field of natural wellness.

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Dr. Murlidhar K S

Pioneering Ayurvedic physician and herbal medicine entrepreneur
Life At Nature

Dr. Muralidhar K.S, a Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery graduate from ALN Rao College in Koppa, is a distinguished figure in the field of Ayurveda and herbal medicine. Son of Subramanya K.H and Vinoda, he is married to Dr. Suchitra B.N, a Medical Officer at GAD, with a son Valleesh Bhat currently pursuing MBBS at BMC and a daughter Mahati Vaishnavi. Dr. Muralidhar commenced his professional journey in February 1999 with the establishment of Hosamane Clinic in Konandur. In the same year, he initiated Ayurashmi Herbs in Keshavapura Village, which later expanded into a manufacturing unit in Konandur, showcasing his entrepreneurial spirit. In 2006, he transitioned to a new building in Konandur and also launched Ashoka Vana Moolika Garden, a botanical garden boasting over 3000 plants, attracting numerous professionals and enthusiasts alike. Dr. Muralidhar’s innovation extended to herbal teas, introduced in software companies and now widely available across Mumbai, Hyderabad, Chennai, Pune, and Karnataka. His manufacturing capabilities encompass a range of products including capsules, tablets, syrups, creams, and classical medicines. Notably, his contributions have been recognized by esteemed institutions such as the Institute of Forest Genetics and Tree Breeding, Government of India, Coimbatore. In 2011, he established the Dhanvantari temple in Konandur and actively serves as a member of the Bio Diversity Board in Shivamogga, highlighting his dedication to preserving natural resources and promoting Ayurvedic practices. Dr. Muralidhar’s journey is marked by a relentless pursuit of excellence in Ayurveda, herbal medicine, and environmental conservation, making him a respected figure in his field.

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